3 boys, 4 books

Posted on: 02/06/18

Well, hello to you.

I am Annabel Pitcher – mum of three boys, author of four books (and counting). I am knackered. I have a young baby and a book deadline. It’s going brilliantly, as you can imagine. I have won prizes for my writing but none for my mum-skills. On the parenthood front, I’m muddling through, doing the best that I can, hoping that no one notices my toddler lives off ‘no-peel cumber’ is a slightly fussy-eater.

At first, I designed a website that was just about my writing, but it wasn’t reflective of my day-to-day existence. I have three sons aged five and under. There isn’t a lot of time to wee, let alone work. When I do manage the odd festival, my major concern is not my books but my baby, and whether or not he’s done an explosive poo on my publicist in the green room. This is my reality at the moment. I want to write about it, rather than pretend it’s not happening.

So here it is – a space where I can talk about my actual, honest-to-God, cucumber-peel-removing life and not just my work, which takes up less than 10% of my headspace right now. Am I happy with that ratio? Of course not, and yes absolutely, and the blog’s about that crazy paradox too. It’s a bit of a mishmash because I’m a bit of a mishmash: a mum trying to be a writer; a writer trying to be a mum. I’ll let you know how I get on.